WordPress user roles

When you start a blog on your own you just need one user (admin) for setting up you blog and posting. But in some cases, for example when you start a blog with more people or you create a blog for a client, it´s better creating several user accounts. Those accounts should have different permissions. Be carefully when you choose a user roll for a person. Don´t give your users more permissions than they need for doing their job. This will save you some trouble. The user rols you can choose are the following:

A subscriber has the lowest position at the user hierarchy. A subscriber just can read your post but he has no other permissions. He can´t create any kind of information or change anything.

On the next level you will find the contributor. A contributor has permissions to create, edit and delete posts. A contributor can create but not post a post until it is approved by a user with a higher permission level.

An author has permissions to create and delete its own posts. In addition an author can upload files for example images without approbation of another user.

The editor is the second highest position at the hierarchy. An editor can create posts as the author, but in addition he can edit and delete posts of any other user. He also can add and delete pages. As an editor has a lot more permissions as the other users, he also can manage users comments (approve, discard, modify, etc.), links and uploads.

The administrator is the person that has full control of the blog. An administrator can do everything (also delete the entire blog). We recommend you that you just have one user with the administrator roll for avoiding problems. As the creator of a blog, you should keep the administrator account for yourself.

A new user that didn´t exist in the past is called superadministrator that can control several blogs (a network). If you just have one blog you won´t use it.

If you want you can create several accounts of the same user roll. For example five contributors, two authors, etc.

If you are the administrator of the blog and you want to change a user´s role (higher or lower position at the hierarchy) you can do it in the same window. But remember not to create more than one admin account.

Our last recommendation is that after setting up your blog, you should create an editor user for publishing your posts. As this user has no permissions for changing the design of the blog, you won´t change anything by error.


Created: 01.14.2012 | Categorie (s): tips