Why some blogs fail

How many websites and blogs did you visit (coming from Google) and all you found was three or five years old information or a website with useless information?

As we don´t want that to happen to your blog we made a list of why blogs fail and how to avoid it as it is very frustrating to invert a lot of time in a blog and not to get the expected results at the end.

When is a blog successful? A lot of times the success of a blog is measured by the number of its visits but this is something wrong as the number of visits does not only depend on the quality of the blog. It also depends a lot of its niche. In a small niche you will have less visitors as in a big niche, but it is better having a good position at a small niche than a bad position at a big one. You can also measure the success of a blog depending on how much money you earn with it (if this is your purpose).  We think that at the end a successful blog is a blog that helps people to solve their problems. This is why most visitors visit a blog (for solving problems or getting information). A blog could be successful if it is your hobby and you are proud of what you have created. It can be good for your personal motivation as you can say: “I did it on my own and people find it useful”.
Let´s come back to the main topic of this article. Why do some blogs fail?  A lot of people have too high goals when they start a blog. We think that this is one of the main problems. As they don´t reach their goals within some weeks, they stop posting. Not having a lot of visits is normal at the beginning. At the beginning it can be hard posting articles every week without having a lot of readers. If you keep publishing good posts, your blog will grow, get known and receive more and more visitors.

Another problem of some blogs is their main topic. Some blogs don´t have a main topic, they post about everything and nothing. It is important to have a main topic and write articles about this and related topics. If your main topic is the NFL and you start writing about a special offer for some flowers or fashion, your visitors will leave your web as they are not interested in those topics. They want to hear something about football. You have to find a niche for your blog as you can´t write about everything.

Also a problem is the blogging frequency.  Some bloggers start blogging every day and afterwards they can´t keep this rhythm. So first of all of course you have to know how to start a blog and after that you need a plan on how often a month you want to post. Try posting regularly. If you miss it once, it doesn´t matter, but if you miss it several times, your visits are going to drop as you are losing reputation.

The last problem we want to discuss here is that a lot of blogs are isolated from the rest. Internet is a big net of websites and blogs that are linked. You have to search blogs with related topics, place link to them and ask if they want to link to your blog as well. If your recommended websites are good, your visitors will come back to your blog as they know that you offer good information and you also recommend other websites. You are part of the network. Unfortunately some blog owners think that linking to other blogs will make them lose reputation. But this is wrong. Here you can learn how to link correctly.

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