What to post in a blog?

blog topicYou have a blog but don´t know what to write for getting visitors that revisit you frequently?

If you want to create a successful blog you have to like the issue and you have to have an idea (as more as better) of what you are writing about. You also can make just a personal blog writing about things that happen to you daily or what you think about something. The problem of a personal blog is that maybe just your friends and family will visit it. If you want to have a lot of visitors you should choose a different main theme. You have to write about something a lot of people are interested in. Search a niche marked and write about a specific topic. For example you could do a sports blog where your main topics are the American football rules. As more specific the topic is, as less competition you will have.

There are unlimited topics for blogs. The most popular topics for blogs are technology (for example cellular phones or computers), cars, sports, fashion, VIPs and so on. You have to find your niche market. Once people know your blog you can add other related topics to your blog. Start small and get bigger.

It´s very important to write just about related topics. If your visitors are searching information about a new Ford car (because you have a blog about cars), and you start posting about cat food they will leave your blog. But if you post about a related topic as for example some new tyres you tested, your visitors will be interested in it.

If you publish a post about a new or related topic, you should take a look at your statistics and the comments of your visitors. This will help you knowing what your visitors are interested in. Using this information you will know what to write or not to write about in your next post.

You also have to try to publish your posts periodically. Maybe you start publishing once a week, for example every Wednesday. Later you can post every three days. As you get more visitors you should increase your posting frequency.

Created: 12.30.2011 | Categorie (s): tips