Server for hosting your blog

If you want to start a blog, the first thing you need is a server or webspace. You will see that it is very easy (also for newbies) and we will explain it step by step on this website. Don´t panic while hearing words like server, domain and so on. For hosting a blog you have three different choices.


You can host your blog on a server like Hostgator. This is our recommendation as you forget about problems and technical things and you will get your own domain at a very low price. This website is also hosted at the same server.  Starting a blog takes you just five minutes or less. We will explain to you all the steps at our How to start a blog tutorial. Hosting a domain nowadays is very cheap. You can get it for less than 6 bucks per month. If you still want to pay less you can use our 25% off code voucher.

As we said before, our website is hosted at Hostgator as thousands of other websites from the United States and all over the world. There are a lot of companies offering this kind of service and some do it at a good price. We recommend that you spend 6 bucks a month on Hostgator or a similar server instead of taking too cheap offers. Some server offer you “free hosting” or “hosting for one dollar”. This kind of server normally wouldn´t make you happy as you will find some restrictions. Some of them will charge you if you have too much traffic. Other servers will be slow or won´t allow you to place advertisements for making money with your blog.

For avoiding these problems, we recommend Hostgator. This server offers different plans and you can choose the one that fits best for you. You will get more information about Hostgators plans here.
If for some reason you want another server for hosting your blog or website you can also check the GoDaddy server. Hosting at GoDaddy is a little more expensive as Hostgator, but the registration of a domain is 6 bugs cheaper. If you want to get the best price when you are about to start a blog, you can register the domain at GoDaddy and host it at Hostgator´s server using our voucher for getting 25% off.  That sounds more difficult than it is. Just follow our guide to register a domain at GoDaddy and host it at Hostgator. Following this guide you will get the best service at the best price.

Keep in mind that some servers don´t support WordPress or they don´t offer a pre-installation. In this last case you will have to do the complete instalation.

Private server

Another option is having your private server at home. This is much more expensive than the other options and you will need a 24 hour Internet connection with a good bandwidth and to care about all the security measures and maintenance. We don´t recommend this to you in any way.


The last option would be starting a blog on WordPress or Blogger website and order a domain at their homepage. We don´t recommend that either as you don´t have full control over the server as for example when using Hostgator. It´s better spending 6 bucks a month and get a good server. You will get a good service for such a low price. Keep reading here why having an own domain name for a blog is so important.