Selecting a blog topic.

post topicsThere are different possible problems when creating a blog. Read this for avoiding problems when blogging.

The main problem when starting a blog is that people have to high goals and they get upset when they don´t archive their goals at the beginning. Not getting the expected number of visitors at the beginning is something normal and you just have to continue posting new articles and you will get more visitors. But there are several things you have to have in mind:

Competitors:  If you select a big topic that a lot of people like, as for example cars, you will have a high number of potential visitors, but also a big number of competitors (other websites). It´s better for the beginning searching for a niche market of a topic. For example writing tutorials about “1964 ford mustang brake pedal adjustment” you will have much less competitors than writing about cars in general. Obviously there are less people searching for these keywords than for “ford mustang”. You have to find your niche to start with.

Seasonality: If the main topic of your blog is American Winter Sports, you wouldn´t have a lot of visitors during summer. The situation would be much worse if your main topic is Halloween or Independence Day as you would get a lot of visitors during some days and nearly none during the rest of the year. Try selecting a topic that keeps equal during the whole year.

Copyright: When publishing something on your blog you have to respect always their copyright. You can´t copy content (text, pictures, videos, etc.) from other websites without asking for permission. A lot of websites just copy content as they think that they can create content easily in this way. There are several problems copying content. The main problem is that the owner of the copied content can send you a very high bill or take you to court.  Copying a simple picture can cost you thousands of dollars. This is why you always have to ask for permission, read the conditions, take your own pictures or buy stock photos. Depending on the pictures, you can get them at some photo stock website for less than a dollar. It´s worth it.

Taboo topics: Don´t publish anything you could regret later. Everything you publish on Internet will stay in the net. If somebody copies it before you erase it, the person that copied it can publish it later again. So if you publish some political, religious or sexual content, keep in mind that maybe someday somebody that shouldn´t read it will do so. If your future boss “googles” your name, you maybe don´t want him to read the political opinions you had some years ago…

In addition, if you have a strong political or religious opinion about something, it´s probable that you will generate hate as other people wouldn´t agree with you. In your blog you should make statements and tell your opinion, but try not to be fanatic and respect others opinions.

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