Prices and plans at Hostgator server

Hostgator is a good server where we host most of our websites. It´s as good for beginners as for experts. Setting up a blog is very fast, easy and cheap. For less than 6 or 7 bucks per month you get a reliable and fast server. But don´t order it until knowing a simple trick for saving some money using a discount voucher. You will get a discount saving up to 25%. No matter which hosting plan you order, you also get a 100$ voucher for advertising your new blog or website at Google Adwords (if you live in USA or Canada).

Hostgator coupon code

We set up a coupon code for you. If you use it during your registration you will get 25% off. Just go to our Hostgator coupon code  site and read the instructions.

Hostgator hosting plans

Hostgator offers you three different hosting plans and you can select the one that best fits to you and your blog. The plans names are Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan. Every plan has its own characteristics and prices. We will help you selecting the correct one offering you a description of each plan.

We recommend that you use the Hatchling Plan if you just want to create one unique blog or website. This plan allows you having one domain hosted at the server with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. There will be no extra charges if you have more traffic. The normal price for three years is 178 dollar, but you can use our discount voucher and get 25% off. The registration of the domain name costs 15 $ extra but you can also order it at GoDaddy for 9$.

If you need several domains and websites or blogs, you should order the Baby Plan as you can host as many domains as you want. The annual price is naturally a little higher, but it is still cheaper than ordering one Hatchling Plan for each domain. Every additional domain costs 15$ but you can register them on GoDaddy as explained before. The normal price of the Baby Plan is 3.96$ a month but you can get a discount.

The last plan is called Business Plan and it is similar to the Baby Plan (unlimited domains) put you also get a dedicated IP address and a private SSL certificate. Due to this, the price is also higher as the other plans.

Now you can choose which plan is the best for you. You can take a contract for a month, a year, two years or three years. As longer the duration of the contract is, as lower gets the price and don´t forget the Hostgator coupon code  for getting 25% discount.

Now you know how less the hosting cost. After your registration you can come back to our website and keep reading the other tutorials about how to start a blog.