Prices and plans at GoDaddy server

GoDaddy, as well as Hostgator allows you to host your blog or website for small money and getting a good service. The price per month is a little bit higher than at Hostgator but the domain registration is cheaper.

A lot of people use GoDaddy as server or for the registration of their domains. Most of them register their domains at GoDaddy but host them at Hostgator. Doing this, they save some extra bucks. We recommend that you buy a “.com” domain.  This domains cost 12 $ a year (at Hostgator 15 $). If you just need one domain you may or may not order it at one server and host it on the other (for saving 3 dollar), but when you order more domains, the difference will be bigger. If you buy six domains at a time at GoDaddy the price goes down to 9,59 $ per domain. As more domains you order, more you can save (up to 31%).

As you see, domain and hosting are two different things and you can order them separately. We prepared a tutorial for you showing you how to register a domain at GoDaddy and host it at Hostgator. It´s as simple as writing one line (domain name) at Hostgator`s menu.

If you decide to host your blog at GoDaddy, you can choose between three plans.

The Economy Plan offers you 10GB space and unlimited bandwidth for less than 6 $ per month (three year contract). There are also some special promotions where you get discounts.

For getting more space you should use the Deluxe Plan. For less than 8 $ per month you will get 150 GB space. There are some special offers for saving between 40 and 50 percent.

If you need unlimited disc space you better use the Ultimate Plan. It´s similar to the Hostgator plans. The monthly price is about 11 $ (more expensive than a similar plan at Hostgator).

After choosing the plan that better fits to your blog, you can register your domain at GoDaddy  or host your blog at GoDaddy by pressing on the links.