Get more visitors (part 2)

This is the second part of the article How to increase the number of visitors of my blog?

When you have an important number of good and interesting content that is useful for your visitors, than you can start contacting blog administrators (of related blogs) by e-mail (personal mails, not spam) . Ask if they could link to your page or offer them to write a guest article and get a link in return. Try creating a network with other blogs.

If you want other people to link to your blog, you should also agree linking to other sites from your blog. Linking to related blogs will not be bad for you (as some people think), you will get “authority” and people will trust you. 

As your blog and the numbers of incoming links increase in a natural way (not buying 1000 links), Google will give you a higher rating and you will appear in better positions at search engine´s results. Continue offering good content and pass to the next point.

Once you have a good number of regular visitors, you can start some campaigns as for example doing competitions, giving gifts, etc. If you have something people want, make a contest. The contest should be related to the topic of your blog. Make your visitors participate for getting a gift. If you have a cooking blog, tell your visitors to send you their favorite recipes. Publish them on your blog (you are getting content for free). Now decide which the best recipe was, or even better, let your visitors decide. The winner gets the gift. The gift should be related to the topic. In this case it should be something for the kitchen (a cutlery set, a knife block set, a cooking book, etc.).

As you are updating your blog with new content, you also can advertise you blog on other websites. At the beginning we recommend you to use Google Adwords. For every visitor that presses on a banner that leads to your blog you will have to pay some cents (depending on the keyword). Check the prices for your keywords and think about how much money you want to spend on your campaign. You can start with a small amount. If you get the expected results you can increase the amount.

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