How to increase the number of visitors of my blog?

Some blogs manage to get a very high number of visitors but most bloggers don´t get their desired number of visitors (especially at the beginning when starting a blog). That´s normal as new blogs aren´t very well known at the beginning.  The most important thing to do in this case is just keeping posting interesting articles. As you continue posting good stuff, more and more people will visit and revisit your blog. Very often the success of a blog or website is measured by the number of visitors. But this number changes a lot depending on the topic of your blog, posting frequency, quality of the post and so on. Don´t give up if at the beginning you are not reaching your expected goal.

How to get visitors?

Before letting people know that your blog exists, you should publish several posts without telling anybody. Once you have published ten or fifteen posts you can start telling people about you blog. Why should you do it like this? Because if your blog has just two or three posts, your visitors won´t find a lot of useful information on your blog and won’t come back again.  Maybe the blog will get a bad reputation because of the lack of information. So first you need a good base writing more or less ten or fifteen good posts. Once you did it you can do the next step.

Start with your friends. Tell your friends and family about your new blog. Ask them to visit it and ask for their opinions and adjust your blog. Tell them also that it would be great if they could comment some post of your blog at the beginning. If some of your friends have websites or blogs you can ask them if they could put a link to your blog if they like it. This would help you at the beginning. Change the signature of your e-mails by writing your domain address in it.  Continue writing more posts.

Once you have more interesting articles and posts, contact related blogs and websites. You can comment on their articles and in some comments you can add a link to your blog if you offer additional information (don´t spam). Spamming will not help you in any way. The blogging community won´t accept it and search engines will penalize you. Keep publishing interesting posts.

Created: 05.13.2012 | Categorie (s): tips