How to install and use a plug-in

A big advantage of using a content management system as WordPress for blogging is that you can use a lot of plug-ins for customizing your blog. There are thousands of good plug-ins. Most of them are free.

For installing a new plug-in you have to press on “Plugins” at the WordPress menu. A list of installed plug-ins will appear. Go to “Add new” (right below “Plugins” at the menu or next to the page´s title). A page with an empty search field will appear. Write the name of a plug-in or a description of it. In this case we will search for a very useful plug-in called “All in one SEO”.

add new wordpress plugin

You can use this plug-in when posting for adding keywords and descriptions (search engines like that).  A list of all related plug-ins will appear. In our case we install All in One SEO Pack from Michael Torbert. After the installation we just have to activate it and set it up. During the configuration we just have to select a title and a description for our post. After that, we “Update options” pressing on the button on the bottom.install wordpress plugin

Everything should be prepared now for using the plug-in.
In this case we will write a new post in WordPress for testing the SEO plug-in.

First we fill the fields as always (title and text) and then we scroll to the bottom of the page. A “All In One SEO” box appears. Now we can add a title again, a description of the post (this description will appear at the search engine results) and keywords.
After publishing the new post we can visit our blog and check the source code. In our case we find some new lines:

<!-- All in One SEO Pack by Michael Torbert of Semper Fi Web Design[129,149] -->
<meta name="description" content="First WordPress post using a plug-in." />
<meta name="keywords" content="wordpress" />
<link rel="canonical" href="" />
<!-- /all in one seo pack -->

The new lines are just used by search engines. It´s important using related keywords and a good description.

This plug-in can help you getting better positions at search engines, but there are a lot more useful plug-ins for WordPress.

The majority of plug-ins are free, but some are very specific and cost some money. Most of these are worth it as they allow you a good customization or save you a lot of time.