How to get backlinks?

When you start a blog you have to interact with the blogosphere (other blogs on the Internet).

Link and make other webs linking to your blog

Start writing good articles and set links to other related blogs and websites. Some people think that placing links to other websites will make them lose visitors or even worse lose reputation at Google. This is completely wrong. If you offer good links with good content your visitors will come back soon to your blog as they know that they will find more good links and information at your blog. In addition, if you link to a blogs, another blog links to you, you will be creating a network of related websites. This will make all of you stronger.  The important thing is that the linking websites offer good related content.

You can´t survive on your own on the Internet. If you don´t link to anybody, nobody will link to you and you will not get visitors. This is a common problem of some administrators that try pushing their websites to the top of the search engine results. They think that outgoing links will make their pagerank (PR) going down. Pagerank is just a number (most people say that Google just publishes the pagerank for keeping administrators busy). As higher the pagerank of a website, as more incoming links it has. But a PR 5 website could have worse content than a PR 2 blog. You don´t have to be afraid of linking to other related websites. Just try not to link more than ten or fifteen websites on one site, but try to link to related sites (similar topic).

How can you get links to your blog?

If you post useful information on your blog, other websites will link to your blog automatically. At the beginning you will not get a lot of links, but once your blog is known you will get more.
You can also contact other blogs directly sending them an e-mail and asking if they would link to your page. This works best if the other website or blog has a related main theme. Don´t be disappointed if you are not getting answer from some administrators or if they don´t link to your site. Sometimes you will have to ask twenty blogs until one or two link to you. Just keep trying but don´t send massive mails to other blogs. Spamming will not help you in any way.

You also can propose other blogs writing a guest article with a link on their blog or offer them to write an article on your blog. This will generate a win-win situation as every part gets some benefit (a backlink or an additional post).

Last but not least, blogs offer some very powerful tools called ping and trackball. Every time you post something new, WordPress will send a message to a special service that informs search engines that there are some news on your blog. More people will know about your last post. This service is called “ping”.

Another powerful tool is the trackback or trackball. If another blog posts something related to one of your posts (if it has additional information) you can send a trackball. This allows visitors of other blogs to visit your post as well. Users of both blogs can than commend both articles. The other blog has to accept your trackball, so just send it if your article gives additional information and don´t send massive trackballs. If you are getting a trackball from another website, check the content and if you like it, accept it.
Google also gives the advice “checking your neighborhood”. Try not linking to websites related to casinos, violence, adult content, etc. as Google doesn´t like it. Try linking and getting links from websites with good content.



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