Easy and tiny tutorial for using Gimp

In this tutorial you will learn where to download Gimp and changing the size and the resolution of a picture.

You can download Gimp for free at the official website www.gimp.org. Once you downloaded and installed it you can start using it. The difference between Gimp and other programs is that it doesn´t open only one window. It opens different ones. You will see it after starting the program.

At the main menu go to File — > Open and select the picture you want to use. You also can use the shortcut “Ctrl+O”

 The picture will appear in a new window.
If you just want to select a part of the picture, keep reading, if not, go to the next paragraph.
Select “Rectangle Select” from the Selection Tool list. With this tool you can select the part of the picture you want to use for your blog. Now you can copy the selection and “paste it as new image”. Your selection will appear in a new window.

For changing the physical size (in pixels) you just have to select “Image” and “Scale image…”. Now the only thing you have to do is change the number of pixels.

For saving your new picture and reducing its size (in Bytes) you just have to select “File” form the main menu and “Save as…” or use the shortcut “Shift+Ctrl+S”.
In the new window that opens you have to write the name of your new file (ending in .jpg). If you don´t do it, it will  be saved in a special gimp file type that can´t be used for your blog. After pressing the “save button” an alert will come up saying that the image has to be exported for saving. Press on “export” and you will get to a window where you can adjust the image quality. As lower the value as worse the quality and less Bytes will be occupied.   The first time you do it you can try different values for testing. You have to look which quality you need for your blog.

You can do the same using Photoshop.