Creating a website with WordPress

Normally WordPress is used for creating blogs, but as it is a CMD (content management system), you can also use it for creating a website using all the advantages of a blog.

Creating a website using WordPress is very easy and you don´t need any coding skills.
Setting up a website with WordPress and adding new sides is as easy as writing an e-mail.

The advantages of using WordPress for a website is that you don´t have to code and you save a lot of time. For adding a new page you just have to press one button and write a new text and headline. After writing the content you just have to press one button for publishing it. Your new page will be added as a new link to the main menu.

If you don´t want your new article added to the main menu, you can do two things. First option is to go to “Appearances” and “Menu” and delete the new entry. The second option is to download a plug-in and just tick a checkbox. First time you want to use it you have to install the WordPress plug-in. After that you can decide on every single page you create if you want to make it appear in the main menu or not. You also can create a drop down menu on WordPress. This allows you to divide your pages in different categories. This will make your website very user-friendly.

Apart from not having to code your website, another big advantage is that you can use all the plug-ins that WordPress offers you and you can use the comment function so that your visitors can comment your articles if you want so. This function will convert your website in a modern web 2.0 website.

The WordPress environment or menu allows you changing things very easily. If you write a new page, on another page you can add an internal link to the new one within seconds.