Create a Gmail account

Gmail is the name of Google´s mail service. For some Google services (as Adsense, Adwords or Analytics) you need a Gmail account. Creating an account is very easy and it´s free. You just have to fill one form with your data and select a password.

Let´s create a new Gmail account.
Use your favorite browser for getting to the website
and press on the button “create a new account”. You will find the button at the top (on the right).


You will be redirected to a new site with a form and some fields which you have to fill in. First of all you have to write your name and surname. After that you choose a username. Your e-mail address will have the following structure:
As username you should use your domain name as you will use it in combination with your domain. After filling the rest of the fields (password, security question, country, etc.) you just have to press on “Accept. Create the account”.

From this moment on you can use your new account for sending and receiving mail and for using different Google services.

After creating your Gmail account we recommend that you also  create a second e-mail address
with the following structure:  or
This should be the address you use for contacting people or for them to contact you as it looks more professional.

Here we will show you how to create an e-mail address for your domain.