Create a blog for free

This is the second part of our “Create a free blog” article.

Bandwidth can be another problem of a free blog. Every time a visitor enters your blog, the server sends him text, pictures, videos, source code, etc. creating traffic and consuming bandwidth. If there are thousands of blogs on the server and they are visited by millions of visitors, you will have to share the bandwidth and your blog will charge slower. If you pay less than 6 dollars a month for a domain hosted on your own server you can get unlimited bandwidth for your blog. Your blog will charge much faster. Nobody wants to have to wait until a website or blog opens. Using Hostgator or GoDaddy you will get a good service at a fair price.

Advertisements are another problem on free blogs. Some websites offering free blogs add advertisements (banners or pop ups) on your blog as they have to pay their server costs. You don´t have any control of this ads and you are not getting any money for having this ads at your blog. If you decide to put your own ads (for example using Google Adsense) on a free blog for earning some money with your blog, your free server will probably not allow it, it depends on the server. For avoiding all these problems, we recommend you to start your own blog at a good server spending 5 or 6 bucks a month. It´s worth it. If you want you can recover this money quite fast adding Google Adsense or some other advertisements on your blog. Every cent you earn will be yours. Please read also our tutorial on how to start a blog and you will enjoy your new web presence.

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