Blogging frequency

post frequencyThe perfect blogging frequency of your blog depends on your topic or niche. In general you could say as higher the blog posting frequency, as more interesting would be the site, but let´s have a closer look.

If you have some new posts every single day, your visitors will probably revisit you every day.
We recommend, when starting a blog, to post once or twice a week for getting used to publish posts on a regular base. After a while, you should adapt the posting frequency to you niche.

You should increase your blogging frequency in a natural way and not from one day to the other. If you have a news blog, at the end you should post every day or even several times a day, but when your main topic is about “car wheels”, it should be enough posting once or twice a week. There are some niches where you can´t get new information every day.

The blogging frequency also depends on special events or times of the year, depending on your topic. If you have a Christmas blog, you should start posting very often some weeks before Christmas. In summer you don´t need to post very often as nearly nobody will visit your blog. If you have a football blog, you should post more often during the season and you should increase your blogging frequency on special events, for example during a World Cup.

Very big blogs post several articles a day. Keep in mind that behind these blogs or websites is a group of people working on it. So if you are working alone on your blog, you wouldn´t be able to post so often. If you start a blog on your own, start blogging once or twice a week. Later you can increase the frequency if you want.

We also recommend you to write ten or fifteen posts (when you start a blog) before telling others about your blog. First of all you need a good basic. After that, publish a new post every week and if possible always the same day of the week. Your visitors will get used to your blogging frequency and will come back the following week for reading your next post.
Depending on your niche, the number of visits and visitors´ comments of your posts you can increase your posting frequency after some time.  Just keep it as natural as possible. The worst thing you could do is to start posting seven times a week, lose the rhythm, drop your posting frequency and at the end to stop posting completely.

If you want to earn money with your blog you should post very frequently as you will need a lot of visitors.
Follow this advice and make some changes on your blog. Testing is the best way for finding the best results for your blog as every niche, blog and its readers are different.

Created: 01.28.2012 | Categorie (s): tips