Classic website or blog?

website or blogThis is one of the most asked questions when starting a new web presence. Some years ago if you wanted a web presence you had to create a website because blogs didn´t exist in those times. Blogs are quite new and very modern. Today, you have to make a decision. You have to know exactly what you want, what kind of content you will offer and who will be your target audience. Depending on that, you either create a blog or a website. No matter if you want to create a blog or a website, we recommend you to use WordPress.

A blog is a very dynamic web presence that needs to be updated regularly. You should always offer new information let your readers and visitors comment your posts, answering their questions. This will make sure your readers will revisit you often and your visits will increase.
You can decide how many hours a week you will invest in your blog. You can work just an hour a week or two hours a day. The more time you work on your blog, the better it will become. Creating a blog for a company is also a good idea as you will be able to inform your clients about new products, special offers or other information and news about the company. As your visitors can comment on your post, you will learn what the most popular products are. You have to read your clients comments, as some of your clients will give you advice for improving your products. If you don´t want people to comment your posts, you can disable this function by clicking on a simple checkbox.

A website is much more static. Normally you create first the whole content of your website, publish it and then you don´t do more big changes on the website. Most administrators add some new articles on their sites, but in a very low frequency compared to a blog.  A website is a good option if you need a web presence but you don´t want to update the content regularly.

We recommend you to use WordPress for your blog or website. It is a free, powerful and easy to use CMS (Content Management System) used by a lot of people in the United States and the rest of the world. You don´t need to know how to program a website. Some servers, as the one we recommend you, offer a pre-installation of WordPress on their servers. Using our step by step guide called how to start a blog, you will be able to create your blog or website (or a combination of both) within minutes. We recommend you also to use our Hostgator discount coupon, so you can save 25 %. Having a blog with your own domain is cheaper than you expect.

Created: 02.03.2012 | Categorie (s): tips