Why some blogs fail

How many websites and blogs did you visit (coming from Google) and all you found was three or five years old information or a website with useless information?

As we don´t want that to happen to your blog we made a list of why blogs fail and how to avoid it as it is very frustrating to invert a lot of time in a blog and not to get the expected results at the end.


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Get more visitors (part 2)

This is the second part of the article How to increase the number of visitors of my blog?

When you have an important number of good and interesting content that is useful for your visitors, than you can start contacting blog administrators (of related blogs) by e-mail (personal mails, not spam) . Ask if they could link to your page or offer them to write a guest article and get a link in return. Try creating a network with other blogs.

If you want other people to link to your blog, you should also agree linking to other sites from your blog. Linking to related blogs will not be bad for you (as some people think), you will get “authority” and people will trust you.  (more…)

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How to increase the number of visitors of my blog?

Some blogs manage to get a very high number of visitors but most bloggers don´t get their desired number of visitors (especially at the beginning when starting a blog). That´s normal as new blogs aren´t very well known at the beginning.  The most important thing to do in this case is just keeping posting interesting articles. As you continue posting good stuff, more and more people will visit and revisit your blog. Very often the success of a blog or website is measured by the number of visitors. But this number changes a lot depending on the topic of your blog, posting frequency, quality of the post and so on. Don´t give up if at the beginning you are not reaching your expected goal. (more…)

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How to get backlinks?

When you start a blog you have to interact with the blogosphere (other blogs on the Internet).

Link and make other webs linking to your blog

Start writing good articles and set links to other related blogs and websites. Some people think that placing links to other websites will make them lose visitors or even worse lose reputation at Google. This is completely wrong. If you offer good links with good content your visitors will come back soon to your blog as they know that they will find more good links and information at your blog. In addition, if you link to a blogs, another blog links to you, you will be creating a network of related websites. This will make all of you stronger.  The important thing is that the linking websites offer good related content. (more…)

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Create a blog for free

This is the second part of our “Create a free blog” article.

Bandwidth can be another problem of a free blog. Every time a visitor enters your blog, the server sends him text, pictures, videos, source code, etc. creating traffic and consuming bandwidth. If there are thousands of blogs on the server and they are visited by millions of visitors, you will have to share the bandwidth and your blog will charge slower. If you pay less than 6 dollars a month for a domain hosted on your own server you can get unlimited bandwidth for your blog. Your blog will charge much faster. Nobody wants to have to wait until a website or blog opens. (more…)

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Create a free blog

free blogOn some websites you can create a free blog without paying anything. But, is it worth it? What can you expect from such a free service? Getting a good and free blog sounds too good to be true. A lot of people create their first blog on a free server within some minutes. But when their blogs start having good traffic, it´s when the first problems appear. There are several problems with free blogs we will discuss in this article.

The first big problem of a free blog is its domain. As you are not paying anything for your blog, you are just getting a subdomain of the server.  The web address of your blog would be for example myblog.wordpress.com  and it doesn´t look very professional. (more…)

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Classic website or blog?

website or blogThis is one of the most asked questions when starting a new web presence. Some years ago if you wanted a web presence you had to create a website because blogs didn´t exist in those times. Blogs are quite new and very modern. Today, you have to make a decision. You have to know exactly what you want, what kind of content you will offer and who will be your target audience. Depending on that, you either create a blog or a website. No matter if you want to create a blog or a website, we recommend you to use WordPress.


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